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Accelerate operational needs by transforming the world’s data into actionable and predictive insights that impact national security, defense, disaster recovery and humanitarian assistance, and safeguard global infrastructure and resources at the speed of relevance.

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Who we serve

Solve hard problems through decision insights

Descartes Labs Government brings cutting-edge geospatial intelligence to the forefront of the Defense industry. Leveraging our state-of-the-art platforms, we provide advanced analytical capabilities, which enables strategic planning, monitoring, and response to critical situations in real-time. Our solutions aid in forecasting threats, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring national security with the utmost accuracy and timeliness.

Key differentiators


Work with any data from any source. Our cloud-native technology stack is intentionally API-driven, offering end-users the ability to utilize any analytics or visualization tool to reach a new level of analysis and deliver more meaningful results.


Focus on the insights that matter most to your mission. We rapidly prototype solutions on top of our dual-use technology and provide operational decision support for your operation.


Go global or regional with our scalable back-end. Limited only by the hardware of the cloud, our technology and solutions grant instant organizational access and promote collaborative research.

What we do

Reduce the time and effort required for data analysis

Improve the accuracy and reliability of your insights, and make it easier for non-technical users to work with data. Descartes Labs Government reduces the time and effort required for data analysis by employing AI to promote data analytics adoption.

Automated data processing

Automate the process of cleaning, preprocessing, and transforming data, saving time and effort for analysts.

Advanced data analytics

Analyze data at a revolutionary level of detail that uncovers patterns and insights that may otherwise be missed.

Predictive modeling

Utilize historical data to build predictive models, enabling data analysts to anticipate future trends and make data-driven decisions.

Interactive visualization

Create AI-powered visualizations, with interactive dashboards and charts, to share insights with stakeholders.

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Dual-use technology for all your mission needs

Our solutions

Quantify risk and observe change with near real-time information

With our robust portfolio of dual-use technology and team of subject matter experts, we rapidly and iteratively deliver data solutions for a variety of mission use cases.

We democratize the operationalization of AI and machine learning for your mission.

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