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Delivering smart insight powered technology solutions that leave no mission behind

Our mission

Solving the globe's most complex problems

We offer customers an accelerated ability to address operational needs by transforming the world’s data into actionable and predictive insights that impact national security, defense, disaster recovery and humanitarian assistance, and safeguard global infrastructure and resources at the speed of relevance.

Descartes Labs Government solutions and services address the growing demand for insights that rely on the fusion of data derived from next generation space technologies, open source, telecommunications networks, and the connected ecosystem of earth observation sensors. Our capacity to tackle challenges with our government customers is only limited by our combined creativity. 

Our solutions are grounded in an ever-expanding portfolio of cloud-native, dual-use analytic products and capabilities that are commercially available and mission stress tested by a variety of government organizations.

Innovation is our legacy. Descartes Labs Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of Descartes Labs, a 2014 technology transfer spin out of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), grounded in transforming data to decisions. Both Descartes Labs and Descartes Labs Government are headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


What we sell

Delivering customized, smart insight-powered technology

Descartes Labs Government builds technology and delivers decision insights in customized data-as-a-service and insight-as-a-service solutions.

Solution deliverables

Our solutions are delivered to customers in a variety of methods depending on your needs: via API to a third party commercial or government tool, as a data feed, or as a report.


Data-as-a-service solutions

Typically used by data scientists, analysts, and developers who have the technical skills to work with raw data.

Access to raw derived data for use in other tools.

Access to data sets for analysis and modeling.

Data cleansing, integration, and management services.


Insight-as-a-service solutions

Designed for operational users who want to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, but who may not have the technical skills to analyze the data themselves.

Provides analytic output and insights derived from multiple disparate data feeds, user specifications, and additional AI/ML.

Presents actionable insights and recommendations based on the data analysis.

We democratize the operationalization of AI and machine learning for your mission.

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