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Data gathering is essential for government agencies, but too much data can be cumbersome and inefficient. Timely analytics and targeted insights are essential in what can be life and death situations.

Descartes Labs Government provides rapid and continuous intelligence through mission-critical insights delivered in minutes—not days or months —by combining environmental, human, and economic intelligence to arm defense and intelligence agencies with near real-time decision intelligence.

Cloud-native geospatial platform

Descartes Labs Platform

Our AWS cloud-native Descartes Labs Platform is built for fusing multi-modal datasets, automation, and parallelization of computational workflows with an interoperable backbone for modernizing software architectures requiring higher impact-level accreditation. The Descartes Labs Platform empowers users to drive innovation and deploy applications at scale with an all-in-one geospatial toolkit, minimizing the timeline for the user to obtain actionable intelligence.

Services and interfaces


Access remote sensing raster data, which includes geospatial, spectral, and other types of metadata, to make the data both available and searchable with Catalog's uniform mechanism. A NumPy-based interface, makes integration into existing Python workflows easy. Users can also ingest new and proprietary data into their products.


Designed to fully leverage the abundance of Catalog data, Explorer allows the user to visualize different spectral bands, filter by date range or cloud coverage, change scaling, and more with a no-code visual web interface.


Interact with the platform in a convenient, managed JupyterLab environment that comes pre-configured with a Python environment. Provided Jupyter notebooks allow users to experiment with the platform and build key parts of their solution.

Dynamic Compute

Interact with and visualize the richness of Catalog data in innovative ways a standard web tile service can’t replicate. Define customizable processing on data that gets executed on-the-fly and can be visualized on a map. Dynamic Compute can be leveraged to build interactive applications and on-demand workflows.

Batch Compute

Global-scale computations require massive parallelization, necessitating developer knowledge of containerization and cloud infrastructure. Batch Compute allows users to massively scale their workflows in ways other computational engines can not, allowing users to focus solely on their computation and analysis.

Vector Service

Experience a convenient and low barrier-of-entry service to store vector data in the platform without having to design a custom database solution. Our vector service provides a Geopandas interface to your vector data.

Capabilities Benefits

  • Modernization of computational workflow using government-accredited cloud resources for fast, reliable, automated, scalable results in common data formats.
  • Operational and technological agility with an intentionally open, non-vendor locked, modern cloud-native software architecture.
  • Turn-key geospatial data enabling the creation of scalable, production-ready data processing pipelines.
  • Petabytes of normalized, analysis-ready data stored in a single easy-to-access and easy-to-search catalog.
  • Simplification of the presentation and integration of geospatial data so users can focus on driving innovation with their expertise and the science behind their models.

Accelerate timeline to solution

Algorithm Register

Descartes Labs Government continues to develop advanced AI/ML and deep learning algorithms and analytics. Our catalog of algorithms and existing dual-use analytics means we’re never starting from scratch so we can accelerate the timeline to solution. We have expertise in both physics-based and AI/ML algorithm development and can develop a broad range of algorithms including object detection and motion-estimation. Descartes Labs Government can also leverage existing commercial premium algorithms and analytics, such as InSAR-based deformation or geo-visual search to provide applicable solutions.


Analysis-ready data

Data Catalog

Our Data Catalog is a curation of commercial, publicly available, and customer specific data sources. Descartes Labs Government postprocesses and applies analytics against these raw data sources to create derived, enhanced, and refined feature data sets. This analysis-ready data offers a timelier and more relevant foundational GEOINT than most users have access to on demand.

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