Enabling Mission Success with Dual-use Products

Delivering smart insight powered technology solutions that leave no mission behind.


Bringing multiple core capabilities into a single tool or API

World-class AI engine


We deliver complex, multi-source and analytics, event intelligence Insight-as-a-Service solutions. Each solution is customer specific to their mission and delivers near real-time actionable insights. Simply put, we provide an AI Engine designed for organizations who want focused, insights delivered to them, so they can make informed decisions, or customers who may not have the technical staff to analyze the data themselves.

Emergency Response Solutions | Targeting | Tipping and Cueing | Situational Awareness


  • Quickly operationalize complex, multi-INT and multi-domain insights
  • Eliminate the headache associated with managing complicated infrastructure
  • Gain operational alerts when an area of interest triggers a predefined event


  • Foundational, persistent surveillance data service to accelerate other operational use cases
  • Accelerates the capacity for adopting AI/ML operational tipping & curing processes to the maximum possible extent
  • API enabled and can support a variety of end user delivery modalities

The ultimate DaaS catalog


Dig further into insights with our interactive data streams. We transform machine learning algorithms and analytics into analysis ready Data-as-a-service (DaaS) feeds. Organizations can easily integrate these into their existing systems and applications, via customizable API integration. This is the ultimate DaaS catalog where customers have real-time access to not only Descartes Labs Government derived, global data sets, but also their own custom curated streams to use for their own analysis and modeling.

Bring-your-own-model | Analysis Ready Data Data-as-a-Service Catalog | Common Operational Picture | Indications and Warnings


  • Easily access and utilize raw data from a variety of sources and operationalize new, custom curated derived data sources
  • Quickly gain insights, improve decision-making, and accelerate time to action
  • Quickly normalize, curate and label raw data as it is ingested with Descartes Labs Government’s underlying SaaS technology stack capability, Galileo
  • Transform your analytics and machine learning models into analysis ready data feeds that can be immediately utilized for secondary modeling and analysis


  • Interoperable with most government, commercial and open-source visualization, development, and modeling tool
  • Users can ‘bring-your-own-model’ to create custom Streams
  • Create custom streams with any one or combination of DLG dual-use analytics and/or derived datasets
  • Access Descartes Labs Government’s portfolio of dual-use premium data sets (i.e., InSAR, Bare Earth Composite)
  • Streams are delivered at the rate of mission, supporting real-time and near real-time requirements



A web-based visualization interface built with React, TypeScript, and Storybook JS, Explorer is customizable for your mission solution. These mission specific interactive applications allow organizations to quickly receive Pulse notifications, investigate their data feeds, and share insights without programmatic experience in a no code environment. Choose from our component library of configurable data controls, data analysis widgets, interface navigation and map controls. 


  • Simple interface allows non-programmatic users to perform their own secondary or tertiary analysis
  • Custom UI specific to your mission needs
  • Save time with an efficient, no code environment


  • Built with React, TypeScript, and Storybook JS
  • Customizable component library
  • Built-in navigation controls

We democratize the operationalization of AI and machine learning for your mission.

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