Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Our data-enabled solutions support requirements across the full ISR lifecycle.

We play a critical role in transforming data into insights, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of ISR missions by providing analysts with the information they need to make informed decisions and take decisive action.


Identifying and tracking targets:

We can help ISR analysts identify and track potential targets, such as enemy combatants, vehicles, or weapons caches by analyzing patterns and anomalies in data from various sources.

Improving mission planning:

We support ISR analysts in identifying the most effective routes, targets, and tactics for missions, based on past performance data and other factors.

Enhancing situational awareness:

Our autonomous, constantly accessible data solutions can analyze real-time data from sensors and other sources so ISR analysts can gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground, which can help them make more informed decisions about how to respond to threats.

Supporting post-mission analysis:

We assess data collected during ISR missions, so analysts can gain insights into the effectiveness of their tactics and strategies, which can help to inform future missions.

ISR Solutions Impact


Provide decision-makers and action-takers with a more complete picture of the situation on the ground, in the air, at sea, in space, and in cyberspace.


Location-based data reduces human error, improves domain awareness, predicts outcomes, and leverages active learning.


Advanced AI processes data at the need of speed to stay ahead of changing conditions.

Mission use cases

Data insights you can have confidence in

With our robust portfolio of dual-use technology and team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Descartes Labs Government rapidly and iteratively delivers data solutions addressing mission use cases.

Mission use case 1

Indications and warnings

We enhance the effectiveness and success of government missions by quantifying risks and providing context to potential events or threats.

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Mission use case 2


Our data-enabled solutions support requirements across the full ISR lifecycle.

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Mission use case 3

Emergency operations and response

We inform emergency decision-making, improve emergency response efforts, and ultimately save lives.

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We democratize the operationalization of AI and machine learning for your mission.

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