Indications & Warnings

We enhance the effectiveness and success of government missions by quantifying risks and providing context to potential events or threats

Our autonomous, customized Indications and Warnings (I&W) data insights solutions are honed to provide context and meaning, using patterns and anomalies in data to focus resources and attention more effectively.


Early warning of potential threats:

We deliver insights that identify potential threats customized to your mission models using data from various sources including satellite imagery, derived data, open source, or sensor networks to alert you to potential threats before they fully materialize.

Identification of trends:

Identify potential risks or opportunities by analyzing data on weather patterns, population movements, or economic indicators. We’re autonomously, and consistently analyzing large volumes of data over time, to help you recognize emerging trends that may pose a threat to government missions.

Detection of anomalies:

An increase in the frequency or intensity of cyberattacks on a particular system or network may indicate a potential cyber threat. We detect anomalies like these in data specific to your parameters that can alert you to possible risks.

Improved decision-making:

We provide timely and accurate I&W insights to help government missions make more informed decisions and take appropriate action, or to mitigate risks.

Indications & Warnings Solutions Impact


Warn decision-makers that the probability of a risk event is increasing or decreasing.


Create a quantifiable way to determine when an organization should change its risk posture to avoid surprises and prevent loss.


Event notifications that provide users with Gray Zone Open Source Indicators.

Mission use cases

Data insights you can have confidence in

With our robust portfolio of dual-use technology and team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Descartes Labs Government rapidly and iteratively delivers data solutions addressing mission use cases.

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Indications and warnings

We enhance the effectiveness and success of government missions by quantifying risks and providing context to potential events or threats.

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Mission use case 2


Our data-enabled solutions support requirements across the full ISR lifecycle.

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Emergency operations and response

We inform emergency decision-making, improve emergency response efforts, and ultimately save lives.

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We democratize the operationalization of AI and machine learning for your mission.

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